Monday, September 28, 2009

Week Thirty-Six

The burritos were very small this week.  That was probably a saving grace for the Logger, as the meatiness may have been overwhelmingly salty if it had been as big as they usually are.  Although we feel somewhat cheated by the size, we are all much less bloated when we're done.  All in all this burrito is right up there with El Gringo, it's for folks who don't want any chance of spice in their burrito.

Ingredients: Steak, Ham, Chicken, and Cheese

Ben - Emo music, it has good roots but it doesn't appear to be worth anything, then sometimes you're surprised.
Daniel - Pirate's of the Caribbean, it should have been awful but it ended up being fun and enjoyable.
Isaac - Children under the age of 13, they're very picky about what they like...but then Ben interrupts and who knows what Isaac was going to say.

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