Monday, April 6, 2009

Week Eleven

Big Red
"Fuck. This was. . . fuck. It was kind of a vaguely disappointing disaster. The meat was flavorless and indistinct. It might have been pork. It might have been chicken. Who knows? The beans were excessive, and smeared together to make the whole burrito taste like a bad bean burrito. The potatoes were mushy and also indistinct. It might have been beans. It might have been potato. Who knows? All in all, kind of lame and sad, but also basic and a staple. I'd love this burrito if I had previously drunk four beers. Also, [Isaac] showed up drunk, hit me, tried to throw sugary popcorn at the diabetic dog, and went around the house looking for gay Mexicans he could watch Twilight with. Solid 3." - Ben

Ingredients: Red Chile Pork, Beans, Cheese

Ben - 4 beers before I really like this burrito.
Daniel - Driving home from work; I'm not at work, but I'm commuting, right there in the middle.
Isaac - Afternoon Delight, it's unexpected even though it's what you do every night...or morning.

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