Monday, March 30, 2009

Week Ten

Big Daddy
“This was the Big Asada + Guac. It was pretty good, but it might just have been good because it wasn't the Big D, which we ate on Saturday. Ugh. The Guac really enhanced the steak - and salsa really makes this burrito a success. I wanted another as soon as I finished it. I give this burrito a solid thumbs up.” - Ben

Ingredients: 3 Steak, Pico, Potato, Cheese, Guacamole

Ben - Solid handshake (or maybe handjob), I appreciate that I had it and I’d have another given my druthers.
Daniel - Ballcap, better than a visor but not as good as cowboy hat for shade.
Isaac - Sunny but windy day, it’s kind of windy so your allergies are getting activated, but it’s still sunny, and you could fly a kite.

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