Monday, July 20, 2009

Week Twenty-Six

Extreme Chicken
Sage reprises his role on Burrito Quest to try to overcome the shame of his cell phone disaster last time.  A very hefty, slightly spicy, burrito.  What the eff is up with Sage's rating for this burrito?

Ingredients: Chicken, Rice, Potato, Salsa, Green Chile, Provolone, and (regular) Cheese

Ben - A Torpedo, from submarines, 'cause torpedoes are awesome.  I liked it.
Daniel - Ski Jump, 'cause it's eXtreme, I wouldn't do the ski jump, but I'd watch it.  It was ok, but too much, and I wouldn't get it again.
Isaac - Cardboard Pizza, you have the cardboard with delicious stuff on top of it but after a while you realize you are eating cardboard.
Sage - Extreme Bob Diesel, or Vin Diesel, it makes me think I'm sticking Vin Diesel in my mouth.

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