Monday, February 9, 2009

Week Three

All American
“Holy craps was this burrito huge. And dry. The burrito needed copious amounts of salsa to make us feel we weren't eating crumbled paper stuffed inside a tortilla. Also, the bacon and green chile take a backseat to the domineering meats ( steak and chicken) and the taste suppressing overlord that is potato. In my opinion, the potato was probably the biggest knock against this combination. The bland ingredient served really no purpose but to increase the overall mass of the burrito. The cheese was actually tasted this time and added a slightly moist compliment to an otherwise drought ridden swimming pool of mashed food.” - Isaac

Ingredients: Steak, Chicken, Potato, Bacon, Green Chile, Cheese

Ben - 2/5
Daniel - 2/5
Isaac - 2/5
Jenni (our first cameo) - 2/5

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